About Us

“We Work Round The Clock, To Yield Services And Solutions Well Ahead Of Time!”

‘Remedium Legis LLP’ was established with a clear goal to provide reliable and practical legal services to its clients across all sectors.

We as a full-service firm, hold a splendid reputation for our integrity and value-based proactive, pragmatic yet innovative legal guidance. We ensure to make our clients fight for their rights by complying with the statutory and regulatory directives and procedures instated by law within the boundaries of the Republic of India.

“Our Quality Of Work Makes Us Stay Ahead Of The Pack.”

‘Remedium Legis LLP’ has developed the strength of its expertise with a multi-disciplinary team of brilliant associates, headed by two exceptional partners. The team of young lawyers is committed towards delivering the best legal solutions to its clients. The interest of our clients means the world to us.

“The Firm Values Teamwork As Well As Individual Initiative And Contribution.”

‘Remedium Legis LLP’ employs a remarkable and comprehensive methodology of consolidating its expertise and several years of involvement towards the core practice areas of Criminal Law and White Collar Crimes, Corporate Commercial Litigation, Economic Offences, Real Estate matters, Arbitration matters etc. Our lawyers hold an esteem academic record and professional excellence, and thus, represent to serve upon definite legal frameworks, efficiently and effectively.

Our vision is to furnish our clients with reliable, assuring and skilled legal guidance. ‘Remedium Legis LLP’, therefore, aims to become one of the top tier firms of the country.

Our mission is to grace ourselves as the revered advisers of society. Our notable client-centered modus operandi, combined with a high level of responsiveness, keeps us at a cutting edge. We focus on our commitment towards excellence, innovative thinking, systematic progress and significant results for providing value to multiple entities.

We inculcate values of integrity, honesty, excellence, client focus, intellectual inclination and versatile alliance:


  • Righteousness, the Foundation of Our Firm:

We are reliable, trustworthy and honest. We make sure to maintain transparency in our deeds. We hold ourselves to be responsible for any of our successes and failures.


      • Excellence is our Second Name:

      We always strike for the best. Our unceasing efforts prove our dedication towards our work. Professionalism and exceptional solutions, yes that is what our firm stands for!

      • Our Client, Our Priority:

      We strive to decipher the dilemmas encountered by our clients. Therefore, we endeavour to address the requirements of our clients, their intentions and goals. We certify to safeguard the security of the information provided by our clients and vis-a-vis sustain our assurance of confidentiality.


      • We Aim for Intellectual Inclination:

      We pay the minutest attention to the details provided by our clients. Our conscientious analysis of the data, our vision of extricating the in-betweens of expressions and content, all support our goal evaluation, decision-making and modernism.


      • Collaboration:

The lawyers at our firm discuss, deliberate and distinguish facts, details and nuances of each and every case, and in this manner, seek each other’s advice, share opinions and function as a team.