Our Areas of Practice


Corruption and Bribery :
  • Corruption and Bribery in India are penalized and punishable under the Indian Penal Code and Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. And, laws against bribery and corruption have all the more become more stringent and rigid after the 2018 amendment. Now, we all are well aware that offering as well as accepting bribe is a crime and as a result of which, several times false cases are being filed against public servants as well as private individuals for political publicity or out of personal rivalry.
  • If you are involved or trapped in such a situation, we can help you. We have a team of leading criminal lawyers holding expertise in defending as well as prosecuting public servants and other private individuals who have been accused or been a complainant in corruption or bribery matters by any investigating agencies like C.B.I and A.C.B.
  • We, in adherence to, the anti-corruption law of India, ceaselessly fight the rampant bribery and double-dealing acts carried out by various public, private and individual entities.


Fraud And Money Laundering Cases :
  • India has its fair share in scandalous fraud cases for the past few years in Financial Scams, Banking Fraudulence, Deceitful and Cheating Cases, Money Laundering Cases, Benami Transactions. Several stringent laws have been passed by the Indian Parliament to tackle these issues.
  • We are currently representing and defending various individuals and business organizations that have been arrayed as accused in such cases to protect them from criminal prosecution initiated by Enforcement Directorate, C.B.I., A.C.B, C.V.C or other Investigating Body. We are here to protect your rights throughout the proceedings, right from bail to trials.


Anti-Money Laundering :
  • We act as per the directives stated under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. The PMLA seeks to combat money laundering in India and has three main objectives:
  1. To prevent and control money laundering;
  2. To confiscate and seize the property obtained from the laundered money; and,
  3. To deal with any other issue connected with money laundering in India.
  • Our services support, prevent and contend a wide variety of money laundering acts, sanction related risks for all our clients across the Country.


Banking and Finance :

  • We secure and settle the fiscal matters of our clients quite remarkably. Our Banking and Finance team knows the ropes of each trading and banking needs of the clients. It has been at the lead of advising and executing some of the most intricate, strategically important and large scale monetary transactions, for both, the lender as well as the borrower parties. Our experts offer guidance on debt restructuring, bankruptcy and recovery proceedings, security creation and enforcement, structured credit, securitization, derivatives, and consumer banking amongst other areas of finance and banking regulations.


Labour Law and Service Matters :

  • Our firm offers extensive services covering all aspects relating to labour and employment laws, instated within the boundaries of India, including advice on multiple rules complying with litigation, negotiation, and corporate haggling. Our team members have handled matters with various authorities viz. Labour Tribunals, P.F.Appellate Tribunal, and performed it for various Public and Private Sector Undertakings.


Competition and Anti-trust :

  • Our firm counsels its clients on various competition law issues. It has handled some of the most high profile matters and represented its clients before Competition Commission of India and Competition Appellate Tribunal in India as well as Supreme Court of India.
  • The firm deals in various competition and anti-trust issues such as restrictive practices, business dominance, unfair practice allegations, merger control regulations, competition litigations and competition law compliance strategies, programs & audit.


Consumer Protection :

  • We furnish solutions on all kinds of consumer protection cases, whether they are: complaints, consultation on unfair trade practices, appeals against the orders of consumer courts, judicial guidance on all issues related to consumer laws followed in India.


  • We are well versed in a range of Real Estate & Property Matters and hold expertise in handling complex concerns of this specific sector. The RERA: Real Estate (Regulation and Development)Act, 2016 is now the umbrella law for all real estate property matters in India. With an increase in the growth opportunities of the Real Estate Sector in India, our lawyers have, over the years, apprised and advised our clients, on the escalating diverse and complicated matters of the real estate sector. In the process, our professionals have acquired a thorough understanding of various aspects of legal and commercial practices pertaining to the Indian Real Estate Sector. Our firm represents its clients in litigations filed against public, private or individual entities before various legal forums, in a wide range of real estate matters, including real estate developers, financial institution and property matters relating to land misuse disputes, land acquisition proceedings, enfranchisement, sale of a property, leasing matters, landlord and tenant concerns, neighbour disputes, professional and negligence actions, major property transaction disputes, family disputes/ partition, house tax issues, municipal rules and by-laws.



  • The accelerating growth and liberalization of the Indian economy are creating new business opportunities, particularly with the development and modernization of the country’s infrastructure. Our team felicitously offers its exceptional arbitration experience to its clients, so that they do not get tricked into an unscrupulous ruse. Our dispute resolution practise offers assistance in regards to judicial proceedings, arbitration, regulatory and pre-dispute consultation tasks. We actively serve clients in several matters of litigation before various forums such as the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts. Our primary goal is to help our clients prevent litigation in India and actively promote arbitration for the resolution of commercial disputes. Even in cases where litigation was chosen as an initial recourse, we have often explored ways of settling disputes through mediation and conciliation. Our phenomenal team guides its clients on complicated domestic and commercial arbitration matters such as pre-arbitration strategy, contract negotiations, representation during arbitral procedures and recognition and enforcement of awards or challenges.


Cyber Crimes :

  • Our team has expertise in advising numerous regulatory services and, thereby, fabricating solutions to the clients who encounter complicated cybercrime moves. In India, cyber laws are contained in the Information Technology Act ('IT Act'), 2000, which came into force on October 17th, 2000. The principal purpose of the Act was/ is to provide legal recognition to electronic commerce/ official websites of firms (whether public or private or individual entities), and, facilitate the filing of electronic records with the currently administering government authority. Matters of Copyright, Cyberterrorism, Defamation, Cyberbullying, Identity Theft, Harassment and Stalking, Disclosure of Trade Secrets and Hacking of Accounts are all covered and filed under the respective Act and, diligently dealt by our incredible team of advocates.


Intellectual Property Rights :

  • Intellectual Property Rights protect the ownership of creativity by its rightful inventor.
  1. I. India, since the year 2005, has adhered to the directives of WTO’s TRIPs (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) and has, therefore, bracketed patents, designs and trademarks as industrial/ or individual properties.
  2. II. Our advocates are masters at handling intricate IP issues: from concept to outlining of scope, acquisition of Intellectual Property Right, its implementation, protection and prosecution, due diligence, acquisition and transfer and related agreement, drafting and negotiating license agreements, assignment deeds, IP development agreements, etc.
  3. III. Our lawyers also represent the matters before various authorities, courts and forums on issues relating to registration and protection of Intellectual Property Rights.
  4. IV. Our firm’s motive is to shield the vision of Intellectual Property Right in India: ‘Creative India; Innovative India’ as well as its mission of fostering a spirited and balanced IPR system in the country, that could nourish creativity and innovation, and henceforth, promote entrepreneurship and bring development in various sectors of the economy.


Family Matters :

  • Family law is a practice area concerned with legal issues involving family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, child custody etc.. As a legal firm, we devotedly provide assistance to our clients in solving issues regarding judicial matters that revolve around matrimonial cases and family issues.


Insurance :

  • Insurance is a contract between two parties: the Insurer and the Insured. Our firm, hence, serves the bluffed party in discerning an appropriate solution to prove their claim against the fraudster. We provide our clients with:
  1. I. Regulatory Insurance and Operational Guidance;
  2. II. Extensive analysis and preparation of Commercial Agreements;
  3. III. Structuring of Start-up Operations; and,
  4. IV. Product Development.


Taxation :

  • Our team of earnest advocates counsels its clients about strategic tax, domestic and international tax issues, and transfer pricing. Not solely that, we enlighten our clients with our up-to-the-minute knowledge about Central Excise, Goods and Services Tax, Central Sales Tax/Value Added Tax, Customs, Service Tax as well. We impart our consultancy services to our clients about taxation policies implied in Real Estate, Leasing, Hospitality, Banking, Finance, Media and Entertainment, Infrastructure, Advertising, Retail Trade, Management Consultancy, Education, Software, Automobile, Airlines, Shipping industries and sectors too.
  • We actively serve our clients in matters of tax litigation before all the forums: the Supreme Court of India, High Courts, Taxation Tribunals and authorities as well.


Media and Entertainment :

  • Our Media and Entertainment Industry is progressively facilitating highly valuable content to the Indian audience via motion pictures, television, talent and brand endorsements, music, internet, and digital media, publishing, outdoor advertising, digital advertising, public relations, amongst others. Hence, to maintain peace amongst our clients of Media and Entertainment Industry, our firm offers end-to-end services relating to contract proposals, IPR, copyrights, negotiation, dispute resolution, freedom of speech and expression, defamation and sedition laws observed in this specific Industry.


Bankruptcy and Insolvency and Debt Recovery Matters :

  • Our professionals have valuable experience and expertise in matters pertaining to Companies Act and Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC) before National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and other aspects of Business and Corporate Laws in India. We have constituted an effective mechanism for initiating insolvency proceedings against financially defaulting companies. Our stellar team guides its clients on the vast and complicated restructuring of distressed assets along with a robust contingency, debt restructuring, distressed acquisitions/sales, credit bidding, formal insolvency proceedings, out-of-court refinancing, and distressed debt trading plan. We notify our corporate clients about their capital structure design (and implementation), as well as the directors, shareholders, insolvency officeholders, trustees about the same.
  • Our lawyers help to determine the best course of action for repayment and help in reaching a settlement of financial relief. We have a robust and fast-growing transactional practice focusing on debt recovery to ensure that our clients are never harassed or mistreated based on any of their unsettled debts. We represent our clients in various Tribunals, Appellate Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Courts form the Debt Recovery matters.